Jeffrey Singh, D.O.

Muhamad A. Amine, M.D.

Jeffrey M Singh, D.O.

Orland Park, IL ENT Doctor

Century Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery


Otology and Neurotology

Clinical Expertise

•Hearing and Balance/Vertigo
•Cochlear Implants and Osseointegrated Hearing Devices
•Otosclerosis and Stapes Surgery
•Chronic Ear Infections and Perforated Ear Drums
•Tympanoplasty and Mastoidectomy
•Ossicular Chain Reconstruction
•Cancer of the Ear and Ear Canal
•Vestibular Schwannoma (Acoustic Neuroma)
General ENT
•Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy
•Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease
•Salivary Gland Disease and Surgery
•Chronic Sinusitis and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
•Balloon Sinuplasty
•Deviated Nasal Septum and Septoplasty
•Voice and Larynx Disorders
•Facial Skin Cancer


Medical School
Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Residency Program
McLaren Oakland Hospital, Michigan State University Statewide Campus Health System.

Advanced Otology and Lateral Skull Base Surgery, Puget Sound Ear, Nose and Throat